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This course describes the installation and use of a Minitab add-in for the easy creation of 30,000-foot-level performance reports-outs.  Attendees will also learn how to integrate these individual process metric reports with other measurements and procedures to create an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) organizational value chain.  This training will then describe how this value chain can be integrated with analytical and other techniques so that one can determine how to identify improvement efforts so that the big picture benefits.  These topics are derived from Forrest Breyfogle’s books on Integrated Enterprise Excellence.  

This course introduces a few minitab concepts for students that will support general Minitab use or Lean Six Sigma courses

This course covers the 30,000-foot-level methods that are used in Lean Six Sigma, scorecarding, and performance reporting.  These topics are derived from Forrest Breyfogle's book "Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III:Improvement Project Execution"